Universities use social media to engage with research communities to improve the chance of being cited. We help researchers to improve their visibility, and hopefully, to increase their chances being cited. A few universities in Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan have adopted such service of 6 months to 12 months, to accelerate their chances to be seen online and to be cited within the first Cited Half-life by reaching out to the select communities of research

About 30% of the articles in High Impact Factor journals never get cited after 4 years and beyond. Most researchers in the US, UK and Australia have started to use social media to improve their online fingerprint of research

Program Objectives

  • To increase the research visibility of one institution to targeted communities for scholarly collaboration and industrial engagement
  • Increase the full-text download by global researchers by more than 20% for higher opportunity of being cited
  • To provide relevant analytics through social listening in identifying the research direction and publishing targets

Benefits for researchers

Increase the citation counts through:

  • Increase the research visibility to the select research communities
  • Encourage interdisciplinary collaboration with global researchers
  • Gather essential feedback about the research work

Scope of Work

2-day workshop of curation includes:

  • Content conversion of institutional publications from scientific manuscripts or patents, to social media friendly plain language summaries using the storyboard methodology
  • Uploading plain language summaries on to Kudos platform
  • Infographic creation for social media engagement

6 months of social media outreach through Facebook with regular social listening and optimization

Monthly update of the visibility progress and analytic, with attempt interlinking between visibility and citation/impact

Add-on includes: Outreach by other platforms: Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin; Portal keyword enhancement (Search Engine Optimization, SEO); Animated infographic design; Subscriptions of Kudos Analytic/Almetric Analytic

Curation: convert your ideas into stories

Outreaching: wider visibility, better impacts

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