Exposing to information overloading environment, our brains crave for quick stories. Infographic is one effective way in engaging-explaining-enlighting complex messages ranging from scientific research to sophisticated policies. It makes sharing of messages far more effective through modern platforms like: social media and augmented reality. This session provide the learning experience of curate-enrich-engage using methodologies like data-manipulation and mind-mapping. Each learners are expected to captivate their imaginations into infographic

Most premier publishers are now requiring for Plain Language Summary and Graphical Abstract of a scientific paper. Using WHY-WHAT-HOW methodology, we help to curate research work into impact stories that can be easily converted into plain language and video

The Objectives

  • To translate and contextualize complex idea into structured mind-map with the concept of purpose-action-impact
  • To story tell the structured idea with why-how-what through statistical highlights, creative visuals, and encapsulating phrases in the form of infographic

Benefits for researchers

  • To better understand the essential components of scientific storytelling and infographic appreciation
  • Opportunity for participants to exchange their work and to share their perspectives with different audiences
  • Cross-disciplinary collaboration

Scope of Work

1-2-day workshop of curation for 30 Researchers includes:

  • The program is structured with the characteristics of: interactively bite-size (through video), and cohort (through scenario), with different perspective of story telling and creative work
  • The takeaway is an experience of captivating the leaner’ imaginations into infographic format

Research Curation: convert your ideas into stories

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