The attitude of “publish or perish” was the driver of scientific information explosion with increasing abuse of metrics like: citation, h-index and impact factor. This services is bringing back the basics of research best practices and providing practical tips of how a world class research culture can be re-established with the spirit of sharing and honoring in a scholarly communication environment. Topics to be covered include: Smart Discovery, Networking, Ideal Authoring, Publishing Strategy, Outreaching Technology and Plain Language Summaries. These are the essential competencies for young researchers in striving for research excellence and integrity. We curated Research 123, and it is a 6-month program to enhance researchers’ skill sets progressively by helping the researchers to understand the right tools for the right purposes of their research workflow.

How to find the right questions of research?
How to write a good manuscript for peer review?
What are the essential research tools?
Where to publish strategically?
How to get cited after publishing?

The Objectives

  • To unleash the potential of each researchers in maximizing their outputs with higher impacts

  • To establish sustainable operating mechanisms of mentoring for research teams with primary focus of collaborative research

Benefits for researchers

  • Increase the number of research publications per researcher
  • Prepare the researchers to publish in ISI/Scopus-indexed journals after conferences or proceedings
  • Improve the levels of collaboration and diversity of the research work
  • Increase the online visibility of the research

Scope of Work

  • A 9-month programme with 3 phases:
  • Phase 1: The Tools & Skills, 2 tracks (3 months)
  • Phase 2: The Collaboration (3 months)
  • Phase 3: The Excellence > Research Fronts (3 months)
  • In the completion of Phase 1: basic research best practices with skills and tools are acquired; whereas experienced researchers will have their roadmap developed
  • In the completion of Phase 2: research teams are established with clear operating mechanism to collaborate
  • In Phase 3, the research teams are prepared with analytics and skills for high performing environments in research fronts

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Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.

– Marie Curie (1867 – 1934)