Getting the right content to the right audience through strategic planning and optimized digital advertising on social media for institutional branding & engagements. Any informative contents need to be transformed into good stories prior to any attempt of social media engagement. Using story-boarding of why-what-how, complex information can be re-purposed for the audience’s interest of “so-what”. To sharpen the message, infographic is used making the  content to be more online engaging and to invite wider interest for detail. The curated contents will be shared on Facebook to the target communities in the form of fun facts, question-and-answer, or application. During the bi-daily postings, responses will be gathered and analysed for the next round of optimization to improve the visibility. If necessary, videos will be created in enhancing the engagement, and eventually leading more comments & feedback within the community

Visual Enrichment helps to increase the level of engagement. Technical information can be curated into infographic and videos, with a story. That will accelerate dissemination and engagement to the right audience

The Objectives

  • To enrich the existing messages to different audience on Facebook through visuals and engaging styles like, fun facts, and FAQ (frequently asked questions)
  • To align the marcom needs for different in-house stakeholders through curation workshop

Scope of Work

  • A programme with 3 phases:
  • Phase 1: i) Content conversion from statistical / factual information, to social media friendly plain language summaries using storyboard methodology, ii) Infographic creation for social medial communication based on Q&A
  • Phase 2: i) Facebook outreach with multiple optimizations, ii) Analyze & consolidate community feedback for Q&A postings
  • In Phase 3, reviewing the analytics & recommendations: half day of consultative discussion

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