We provide Research Outreach Solutions by combining workshops, analytics, and technologies to improve reputation of quality research to the global market.
ies Research Consulting, is a Singapore based regional consulting firm for the future skills of researchers, innovators and professionals. As a subsidiary of iGroup Asia Pacific, a regional information solution provider, ies provides the latest skill sets and world-class technologies in resolving individual and organizational challenges in preparation for the future. In the space of Scholarly Communication, Research Outreach is the emerging trend. All services from ies include: workshops, analytics, and technologies.
We help researchers to improve their research visibility, and hopefully, to increase their chances being cited. A few universities in Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan have adopted such service of 6 months to 12 months, to accelerate their chances to be seen online and to be cited within the first Cited Half-life by reaching out to the select communities of research.
Through our proprietary curation methodology, we help to transform complex ideas into research stories that stay relevant to the society. Research impact will only be possible if researchers know how to engage.
We provide such end-to-end research outreach service for better industrial engagement and collaboration.


We have a team of knowledgeable consultants with competencies of storytelling, research assessment-and-analytics, research impact taxonomies, and strategic research marketing


To accelerate knowledge sharing for a better world