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ies Research Consulting, is a Singapore based regional consulting firm for the future skills of researchers, innovators and professionals. As a subsidiary of iGroup Asia Pacific, a regional information solution provider, ies provides the latest skill sets and world-class technologies in resolving individual and organizational challenges in preparation for the future. In the space of Scholarly Communication, Research Outreach is the emerging trend. All services from ies include: workshops, analytics, and technologies.

We help researchers to improve their research visibility, and hopefully, to increase their chances being cited. A few universities in Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan have adopted such service of 6 months to 12 months, to accelerate their chances to be seen online and to be cited within the first Cited Half-life by reaching out to the select communities of research.

Through our proprietary curation methodology, we help to transform complex ideas into research stories that stay relevant to the society. Research impact will only be possible if researchers know how to engage.

We provide such end-to-end research outreach service to improve reputation of quality research to the global market.

Our Team


Woei Fuh Wong

Innovation Outreach Consultant

E: woeifuh@igroupnet.com
T: +65 9730 8835

Woei Fuh Wong has a diverse experience extends over three decades from a researcher to an engineer and later, an information specialist. During his 10 years with Web of Science since 2004, he actively engaged with researchers and academics in Asia Pacific resolving their challenges of bibliometric insights and research assessment. In 2015, Woei Fuh started a consulting firm in Singapore and he founded a research program, Research 123, preparing young researchers with future research skills. His consultancy work focuses on three areas: Research Visibility; Research Impact based on UN SDG (United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals); and Research Commercialization. He holds a Ph.D. in Polymer Science & Technology from the University of Manchester, UK, and a MBA from Louisville University, USA


Han-wen Chang

Research Analytics Consultant

E: hanwen.chang@igrouptaiwan.com
T: +886 953 024 810

Han-wen Chang has over 6 years of experience in academia data analytic. In Thomson Reuters between 2011 and 2015, Han-wen helped to provide holistic view of research analytic mashing up proprietary citation index data (Web of Science) and customers’ information for evidence-based decision making. She holds a Ph.D. of Library & Information Science from National Taiwan University, and her academic research focused on bibliometric analysis in scholarly communication. As an independent analyst, she has delivered analytical reports for government agencies and universities for research policy and assessment. Her consultancy work includes: quantifying research outreach-visibility-impact, and their measurements


KC Tang

Digital Marketing Consultant

E: kc.tang@igroupnet.com
T: +60 123 027 761

KC Tang has over 6 years of experience in the publishing industry with hands-on of digital implementation and content marketing. He has led several online marketing programs in Web Design, Social Media Marketing Strategy, Content Curation and Online Branding for B2B professional services companies. His regional clienteles are primarily universities, research institutions and technology companies, that commonly attempted to align their services to social impact. Currently he manages a few social media accounts for corporate and universities in Malaysia and Taiwan. As regular Digital Marketing Trainer, KC developed and delivered workshops for university researchers and innovators to improve their research visibility. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Management and certified “Train-the-trainer” by Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) Malaysia


Iris Hsu

Research Impact Consultant

E: iris.hsu@igrouptaiwan.com
T: +886 922 364 946

Iris Hsu has 16 years of experience in scholarly communication for academia particularly in the areas of e-resources management and digital implementation for libraries. Through her partnership with prestigious publishers like Nature and ACM, she acquired in-depth experience about researchers’ behaviors and research skill sets. Recently she was involved in the knowledge transfer of research assessment framework from the UK to Hong Kong, giving support on research visibility and impact. Her consultancy work includes: improving the usage of e-resources and designing end-to-end research workflow that captures impact evidences

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