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We provide Research Outreach Solutions by combining workshops, analytics, and technologies to improve reputation of quality research to the global market

ies Consulting, is a Singapore based regional consulting firm for the future skills of researchers, innovators and professionals. As a subsidiary of iGroup Asia Pacific, a regional information solution provider, ies provides the latest skill sets and world-class technologies in resolving individual and organizational challenges in preparation for the future. In the space of Scholarly Communication, Research Outreach is the emerging trend. All services from ies include:workshops,analytics,and technologies


Workshop, Technology, & Analysis

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Technology requires knowledge and expertise more than it requires money.

Research 1.2.3: Wider Visibility, Higher Citations, Better Impacts!

The attitude of “publish or perish” was the driver of scientific information explosion with increasing abuse of metrics like: citation, h-index and impact factor. This services is bringing back the basics of research best practices and providing practical tips of how a world class research culture can be re-established with the spirit of sharing and honoring in a scholarly communication environment. Topics to be covered include: Smart Discovery, Networking, Ideal Authoring, Publishing Strategy, Outreaching Technology and Plain Language Summaries. These are the essential competencies for young researchers in striving for research excellence and integrity.

Research Curation: Convert Your Ideas into Stories!

Exposed to an information overloaded environment, our brains crave for quick stories. Infographic is one effective way in engaging-explaining-enlightening complex messages ranging from scientific research to sophisticated policies. It makes sharing of messages far more effective through modern platforms like: social media and augmented reality. This services will provide the learning experience of curate-enrich-engage using methodologies like data-manipulation and mind-mapping. Each learner is expected to captivate their imaginations into infographic.

But all these require skillful story telling technique in transforming sophisticated thoughts into plain language summaries or even, series of stories! In this workshop, audiences will be shared with case studies and methodology of research story-telling. Using storyboarding of why-what-how, scientific publications can be repurposed for the audience’s interest of “so-what”.

Research Outreach: The Power of Social Media Marketing!

With over 2 billion social media users globally, this has spurred businesses and even researchers to take social media marketing seriously. Managing social media platforms is time consuming, and the need to stay engaged, posting, and sharing is at an all-time high. Our services offers a complete social media strategy for researchers which includes modifying & updating social media accounts to enhanced executive presence, create & share post regarding research works, follow respective target audiences/groups and respond to comments etc. Through various analytical tools such as Facebook Analytics, it provides researchers an opportunity to monitor the feedback from their audience (social listening), and take corrective measures upon their research work/ideas.

Innovation Outreach for Commercialization: “Laboratory-to-market innovation for accelerated commercialization”

Academic innovation was conventionally focusing on the generation of patents without a clear connection to market demand. There were cases that technology transfer offices (TTO) were taking the leadership of innovation outreach (innoreach) in bridging between the researchers and industrial. Effectively, innovation and commercialization are seamlessly connected regardless of technology push or market pull. In this workshop, the innoreach process will be shared with case studies.

Librarian Leadership: “From Resources to Strategies”

Technology changes the roles of librarians and it impacts their work of the future. But changes bring opportunity and in this services, we will discuss and share the opportunity of increasing the visibility of research and innovation within an institution. In a world of overwhelming information, it’s important for any institution to promote the knowledge through infographic and digital marketing. Librarians can champion such functions by focusing on the individual competency of storytelling, data analytics and knowledge matchmaking.

TalentX: Using Technology Enabled Learning for Effective Talent Development

In the increasingly virtual learning landscape, training ROI/ROE (return of expectation) have been difficult to define. Studies showed that up to 70% of employers and managers still distrust the efficacy of self-paced eLearning programmes. This services would help organizations to define their learning strategy in alignment with their business objectives. The focus of the programme is to utilize technology enabled learning to enhance the competencies of employees. With proper optimization for different purposes, eLearning is a key component of the individual learning pathway comprises: assessment, eLearning, face-to-face workshops, and coaching forums. Ultimately, it is the same model that helps to define the Individual Lifelong Learning Plan.


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Highly qualified specialists

Woei Fuh Wong

Innovation Outreach Consultant

E: woeifuh@igroupnet.com
T: +65 9730 8835

Woei Fuh Wong has a diverse experience extends over three decades from a researcher to an engineer and later, an information specialist. During his 10 years with Web of Science since 2004, he actively engaged with researchers and academians in Asia Pacific resolving their challenges of bibliometric insights and research assessment. In 2015, Woei Fuh started a consulting firm based in Singapore and he founded a research program, Research 123, helping young researchers with future skills. His consultancy work includes: research impact, industrial start-up and talent development. He holds a Ph.D. in Polymer Science & Technology from the University of Manchester, UK, and a MBA from Louisville University, USA


Jennifer Yong

Research Visibility Consultant

E: jennifer.yong@igroupnet.com
T: +60 123 943 318

Jennifer Yong has 16 years of experience in scientific information industry focusing on diverse segments from academia to government and hospitals. She worked closely with Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), a division of the American Chemical Society and gained in-depth knowledge in scientific publishing and users’ behaviors. Her major projects include the Virtual Library System of Brunei that was initiated by the Ministry of Education. Since then she also delivered a few projects to other government agencies in ASEAN. Her consultancy work includes: research best practices and information management within universities


KC Tang

Digital Marketing Consultant

E: kc.tang@igroupnet.com
T: +60 123 027 761

KC Tang has 5 years of experience in educational publishing industry ranging from digital implementation to blended learning support. His passion is sharing the regional best practices of lifelong learning to graduates, young entrepreneurs and young professionals helping them to be strategic in professional branding. He started as training assistant and now he is a regular speaker/moderator for workshops on Digital Marketing and Professional Branding for researchers and innovators. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Management


Han-wen Chang

Research Analytics Consultant

E: hanwen.chang@igrouptaiwan.com
T: +886 953 024 810

Han-wen Chang has over 5 years of experience in academia data analytic. In Thomson Reuters between 2011 and 2015, Han-wen helped to provide holistic view of research analytic mashing up proprietary citation index data (Web of Science) and customers’ information for evidence-based decision making. She holds a Ph.D. of Library & Information Science from National Taiwan University, and her academic research focused on bibliometric analysis in scholarly communication. As an independent analyst, she has delivered analytical reports for government agencies and universities for research policy and assessment. Her consultancy work includes: quantifying research outreach-visibility-impact, and their measurements


Iris Hsu

Research Impact Consultant

E: iris.hsu@igrouptaiwan.com
T: +886 922 364 946

Iris Hsu has 15 years of experience in scholarly communication for academia particularly in the areas of e-resources management and digital implementation for libraries. Through her partnership with prestigious publishers like Nature and ACM, she acquired in-depth experience about researchers’ behaviors and research skill sets. Recently she was involved in the knowledge transfer of research assessment framework from the UK to Hong Kong, giving support on research visibility and impact. Her consultancy work includes: improving the usage of e-resources and designing end-to-end research workflow that captures impact evidences


Jessie Leong

Research Best Practices Consultant

E: jessie.leong@igroupnet.com
T: +60 193 665 271

Jessie Leong has 14 years of industrial experience ranging from pharmaceutical to education publishing.  Previously her area of focus was customer education included database training and application development for different contents and tools. Now in her new role, Jessie is a strong advocate of lifelong learning with her real experience of continuous self-development through conventional and blended learning approaches. Now her focus is helping young researchers in universities with research best practices

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