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ies Research Consulting helps digital outreach of your science to target community. We provide end-to-end service with workshop, technology, or do-for-you

What we do

We use our methodology of WHY-WHAT-HOW to CURATE-ENRICH-SHARE your science to target audience. Through citation and visibility data, we OPTIMIZE your science!

Research 123 is our proprietary research best practice program and it helps researcher to find questions, channels, and audiences for their work

Our services at a glance

Research Best Practices

Young research universities in Malaysia and Vietnam enhances their researchers’ skill sets with our Research 123 program

Research Visibility

Universities use social media to engage with research communities to improve the chance of being cited

Institutional Branding

Getting the right content to the right audience through strategic planning and optimized digital advertising on social media for institutional branding

Storytelling for Research

Developing research stories from manuscripts, using storyboard approach of “Why, What, How” in writing research stories

Research Impact Evidence

We partner with Vertigo Ventures in providing an unique Impact Management System to universities in quantifying research impacts, gathering evidences, and establishing impact review process

Blockchain for Research

We partner with ARTiFACTS.ai to support the researchers in sharing their research evidences at a blockchained platform. Researchers are now able to establish their “first-mover advantage” in their areas of research without any concern being scooped

Research Support

Our Research Support Ambassador Program helps the librarians to understand the new trend and the new tools for future research communication and assessment. We also use World Café approach to help the librarians to come out their own library leadership plan

Innovation Outreach

Successful innovation has become the proverbial Holy Grail for many organizations seeking to stay ahead of their competition. This programme is focusing on 3 components: 1. Observe; 2. Organize; and 3. Tell, helping individual innovators to “make” more than “break” for innovative ideas!

Our Case Studies

When talking about research visibility, there is no short of debates or concerns. As a research visibility consulting team, ies Research Consulting aims to uncover the veils by bringing facts and real-world experience to you by this bi-monthly case studies, ResearchVisibility

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